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Olive oil is one of the oldest natural ingredients in the world. Its history dates back almost 6,000 years. Although olive trees have been growing in Italy for centuries, the olive was first cultivated in what is now the Israel, Lebanon and Syria region of the Middle East.

For centuries the people of the Mediterranean have believed in the healthy virtues of olive oil. But it has only been in recent history that these beliefs have been confirmed with exhaustive research.

It has been found that olive oil contains vitamin E, mono-unsaturated fats and anti-oxidants. Combined, these assist the body's metabolism providing a balanced and complete source of nourishment.

With all these unique and healthy properties, it's no wonder that olive oil has played such an important role throughout the history of the Mediterranean and its neighbours.

Lupi Olive Oil History

From the sunny climate of Italy, and the tender care and dedication of one man, Giuseppe Lupi, created in 1880 a unique oil - Lupi Olive Oil. A tradition that is still alive today.

Over the years Lupi Olive Oil production has increased in terms of quantity, but its quality has remained the same. This is because the selection criteria and processing methods used for the olives are still the same.

The label still proudly bears the gold medals won by Lupi Olive Oil at international expositions. It is the unsurpassed quality and taste of Lupi Olive Oil that makes it one of the most preferred Olive Oil in Australia today. Lupi Olive Oil is still packed in Voghera Italy and the company is a highly recognised and trusted edible oils producer in Italy.

All Lupi Extra Virgin Olive Oils pass strict chemical and sensory quality control testing to ensure that they meet the highest Italian standard. When it comes to using Olive Oil cold, or to add flavour to Mediterranean-style dishes, Lupi Olive Oil is the oil to use. Try drizzling it on your food before eating, the way the Italians do - the flavour is amazing. Lupi Extra Virgin can be used for any recipe that requires olive oil.

Lupi, the company, is also a member of the Olive Oil Association in Italy and a member of the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC) formed many years ago to establish quality assurance standards, production policies, and testing procedures for producers and exporters.

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