Lupi Olive Oil Range


The versatility and range of flavours make Lupi Olive Oil the ideal product for almost every culinary use. From the mild Extra Light Olive Oil to the most rich and fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil there is a use and a taste to please everyone. Many people keep a selection of different Lupi Olive Oils in their pantry so they have one for every occasion.

Lupi 100% Pure Olive Oil

Lupi "100% Pure Olive Oil" has a mild fruity flavour, and is perfect for everyday use in all cooking requiring oil or fat, and all salads. Extra Light and Pure Olive Oils are also perfect for high heat cooking with their high smoke point.

Available in 500 ml. bottle, 1 litre bottle & 3 litre tin

Lupi Extra Light Olive Oil

Lupi "Extra Light in Taste Olive Oil" has a very, very light and delicate flavour. This makes it ideal for use in cooking where a strong olive oil flavour is not desired but the goodness and health benefits of olive oil are. It's also a perfect, healthy substitute for butter in baking.

Available in 500 ml. bottle, 1 litre bottle & 3 litre tin

Lupi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Lupi "Extra Virgin Olive Oil" has a warm, fruity flavour, and is ideal for use in Mediterranean recipes, salads and other dishes with a robust flavour.

Available in 500 ml. bottle, 1 litre bottle & 3 litre tin

Lupi Organic Olive Oil

Lupi "Organic" Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from organically-farmed olive groves, grown at higher altitude to avoid the Mediterranean olive fly. It has a lively fresh flavour, and is hugely popular. As well as being ideal for use with salads and as a condiment, it can be used in exactly the same way as any Lupi Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with the added incentive of being an organic oil.

Available in 750 ml. bottle

Lupi Balsamic Vinegar

Lupi "Balsamic Vinegar" of Modena is a unique speciality vinegar produced exclusively in the Provence of Modena, in Italy. Regional grape must and wine are blended and carefully matured in old wooden casks to give Balsamic Vinegar its special aroma and flavour. You will find Balsamic Vinegar used in recipes throughout this book as it is an integral part of Italian cuisine. You can experiment with using Balsamic Vinegar in so many ways.

Available in 250ml. bottle & 500ml. bottle

Lupi White Balsamic Vinegar

Lupi White Balsamic Condiment is a unique speciality dressing produced in Modena exclusively. Regional white wines and grape juice are carefully matured in wooden casks which give White Balsamic Condiment its special aroma and flavor.  Together with Lupi Extra Virgin Olive Oil, it is especially recommended to enhance the flavor of cold meat salads, stir fry vegetables, green salads, marinades and fish. Just a few drops will add an original touch and a delicate flavour which will be appreciated by one and all.

Available in 500ml. bottle



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